Marina Chiaiolella, 51/b - 80079 Procida

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La Tonnara, the history of the building..

La Tonnara, the history of the building. “The Tonnara”(The Tunny) was, for the people of Procida, a community that in the past had the fishing as one of its major way of livelihood, an instrument of work organization and a way of guarantying a livelihood for many families residing in the area of Marina Chiaolella. The interest in this structure shown by anthropologists and urbanists, demonstrates how important this structure was in the community life. Contrarily from how today many believe, the Tunny was not only a structure dislocated on land (mostly used as an area of stockage and store room), but rather as a complex system of fishing nets anchored on the sea bottom of the nearby beach of Ciracciello that extended out toward the sea for about 1600 meters. In this way, the salvaging of this building, instead of being a cultural and patrimonial loss to the island has been a way of giving new life to this structure that was losing, across the years, its anthropologic-cultural meaning. It was from this story that the name la Tonnara was kept, and to which the local inhabitants of this community have always attributed to this structure and to which the owners are trying to give back to this building the economic and touristic centrality that has always been the vocation of the area of Marina Chiaolella. Besides the economic and anthropologic testimony of the island’s past, the building where to day rises the Hotel La Tonnara is a pleasant recollection of popular architecture that especially in Procida has fascinated and still fascinates tourists and scholars. From this fact and also from a form of dialogue between man and territory came about the necessity to intervene in an attentive and wise way on this building, trying to maintain the traditional forms and the distinctive architectural elements. Upon the light of these necessities, the undergoing for improvement and adjustment of this building was started keeping in mind the typical procedur e of a “restoration”, maintaining the basic structure and the typical elements sided by creative solutionswhich would render the spaces available functional and comfortable. In this way the characteristic vefio (a small covered balcony opened with arches looking over the small tourist port) lives in harmony with our rooms that are provided with theì most advanced technologies (satellite TV, telephone, frigo-bar, internet). The particular arches on the front of the building maintain and support a spacious equipped solarium; the same color used, that softy conform to a territorial context that enhances the brightness. ;