The Tonnara, an important piece of island history

The Tonnara was for the Procidans.

In the past, fishing was the main source of livelihood for the community, a means of organising work and a technique that ensured the subsistence of dozens of families living in the Marina Chiaiolella area.

The interest shown in this structure by numerous anthropologists and town planners demonstrates its importance in community life.

Contrary to what many people believe, the tonnara was not the building located on the mainland (which served mainly as a storage area and warehouse), but rather a complex system of nets anchored on the seabed of the beach in front of Ciracciellofl, which extended out to sea for about 1600 m.

In this sense, the restoration of the building, rather than being a subtraction from the island's cultural heritage, was a way of revitalising a structure that had been losing its anthropological/cultural significance over the years.

Hence the decision to keep the name -La tonnara-, which the inhabitants of the local community had always given to the structure, in an attempt to give the building back the economic and tourist centrality it had always had in the Marina Chiaiolella area.

As well as being an anthropological and economic testimony to the island's past, the building where the hotel now stands is a pleasant reminder of a popular architecture that has fascinated and continues to fascinate tourists and scholars. Hence the need to carefully and wisely intervene on the building. trying to maintain its traditional forms and distinctive architectural elements, typical of this form of dialogue between man and land. Translated with (free version)

In the light of these requirements, the work of adapting the structure has mainly followed the typical procedures of a -restaurant,‖ maintaining the basic structure and typical elements and adding creative and functional solutions. Thus, the characteristic "vefio" (a covered balcony with an arched view of the harbour) coexists without trauma with the most advanced technology with which our rooms are equipped: satellite TV, telephone, mini-bar, internet, etc; Translated with (free version)

The special arches in the façade support a spacious, equipped solarium; and the colours used, too, softly adapt to a spatial context that enhances its brightness.


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